Web Design

The Project

Here at Agape Apparel we realize it’s no longer enough to have a simple website structure. We guarantee the customization of a website geared toward your targeted audience.

The Process

When mapping out the ‘skeleton’ of your website, it’s in our best interest to include your ideas, thoughts, and goals for your business while adding our Agape Apparel contemporary edge and eye.

The Vision

We want a comprehensive and extensive grasp of the vision you are wanting to go with your business. Additionally its a necessity that we have a thorough and complete understanding of the look you are desiring visually. This can include a re-design of your logo, the company’s color palette, etc.

The Framework

We then begin to layout and sketch your website. This includes forming together a blueprint that is responsive to laptops, tablets, and mobile devices for a user friendly site. 

The Building

With the help of our framing we move onto building your website in WordPress. This include adding media, desired videos, logos, and ultimately your company’s informational content.

The Final Walk-through, Polish, & Launch

You and your company will walk through every single page created—from the home page to the contact page—and we will do a last minute polishing of design elements and last minute adjustments. Once the kinks are worked out and stamped with your approval, your site will be launched!